Destin Wedding Photographer | Cristen & Brandon | Lux et Amor

Destin Wedding Photographer   |   Cristen & Brandon   |   Lux et Amor

I LOVE this wedding. I love Cristen. I love Brandon. I love the way the two of them are together. And I adore every last little detail of their wedding. It was my first time shooting at the Destin Bay House, and let me just say, it is completely worthy of the drive from Pensacola. It wasn’t hard to see why Cristen fell for the venue, with the ocean view and the spanish moss…ahhhhhhh. I was in photographer heaven. Not to mention all of the gorgeous details that Cristen put together HERSELF. From the decor and styling to the fun and games, everything was uniquely special to the two of them and their personalities were represented perfectly! Also, I have to mention, that Brandon actually had me crying when he said his vows. I have a soft spot for self written vows….but it’s not often that I get emotional while I’m busy working away. But he did it. I had people coming up to me for hours letting me know I had mascara all over my face. I had the best time at the reception watching everyone dancing. By the time it was over my face hurt from smiling, and that’s always a good sign.

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And a big thanks to all of the other talented vendors who made this event possible! 

Venue : Destin Bay House

Wedding Coordinator: Toni Toma

Photobooth: Mopix

Catering: Culinary Productions

Cake: Cupcake Emporium

Band: Ronnie Levine



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Pensacola Wedding Photographer | Cherri & Anthony | Lux et Amor

A glorious day on Pensacola Beach welcomed Cherri and Anthony on the day of their wedding!

I first met Cherri, Anthony and Gavin when they booked me for an engagement/family session a little over a year ago and I absolutely fell in love with their little family. Have you ever met someone and felt immediately at ease with them, like you’ve always been friends? Well that’s exactly how I felt when I met Cherri. She is of those radiant spirits that just make you feel good when they’re around. When just before their engagement session I learned that Cherri had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I was beside myself. My heart ached for them, this young beautiful family who now had such a long and difficult battle to endure. I can’t even begin to imagine going through what she has been through, but Cherri was always optimistic, from the very beginning, and I knew that she was going to kick cancer’s butt ( which she most certainly did!).

I was absolutely thrilled to be their wedding photographer, and even more thrilled to see how completely stunning Cherri was on that day. It was a beautiful celebration in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful people. And lots and lots of love. And it just doesn’t get any better than that.


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Vendor list for this lovely event:


Venue/Catering: Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front
DJ: Patrick Danaher
Gulf Coast Sounds
Flowers:  Blooms a Million
Cake:  Nancy Duce
Chair Sashes: Weddings by Wanda
Facebook Page: Weddings by Wanda
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Cherri Eman - I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day and you captured every moment! I am so lucky to have had you as my photographer and would HIGHLY recommend Jessica to anyone who is in her area!! Not only is she an amazing photographer but a beautiful person with a big heart! A million thank you’s from us all for capturing memories that will last a life time!!
Cherri, Anthony, and Gavin

Pensacola Wedding Photographer | Heidi & Robert | Lux et Amor

I recently journeyed to beautiful Pensacola to photograph several weddings, the first of which, featured below, was that of Heidi and Robert. I knew from the moment I met Heidi that her wedding was going be be impeccably styled, and I was thrilled to learn that she’d chosen several of my FAVORITE vendors ( see list below)! Heidi couldn’t have picked a more lovely day, the weather ( along with everything else)  was pure perfection. Check out the images below for a little peek into their celebration!
Blog Collage
Old Christ Church

The Palafox Wharf reception venue 

Nancy’s Haute Affairs Catering

Richey’s East Liquors

 Supposey Florals

 Publix Bakery

Ramsey Coates for DJ

Al with A Bride’s Ride

New World Landing Hotel

Photo to Go for Photobooth 

Eliza George beauty MUA

And a special thanks to Jessi Field of Jessi Field Photography for second shooting for me! ( you are amazing)

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Jessi - It was my pleasure, Jessica! :) These are gorgeous!

Welcome to the Blue Moon


The home sweet home of Monroe and Sandy couldn’t have been a more perfect location for their portrait session. Everything about the place is uniquely them, and many of the stylistic gems you’ll find among their decor have a special story behind them. This couple was fun and laid back and the chemistry between them was perfection. Needless to say I am more than smitten with the results.

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The moment we are in

I recently heard from high council that the moment we are in deserves our best. This particular expression has struck a chord in me. It’s gotten my wheels turning. The  word ” deserve” sort of gnaws at the back of my mind…what is it that this moment expects from me?  What exactly IS my best? And what if my best isn’t good enough? What if that which I am able to give the moment leaves it with much to be desired? And when referring to the moment…is it the actual moment, like this very second, right now, that is so deserved? Or, is “the moment” intended to convey a particular situation, or point in time that in fact encompasses a vast quantity of moments?

I’ve pondered these questions over the past few weeks, and here’s what I’ve come up with. When it comes down to it, the moment, this moment, right now, is all we have. Nothing outside of this moment is real. To be concerned with anything other than the now, is to deny ourselves from living fully, wholeheartedly, and authentically. Our best, is to give right now all the love and attention we possess. Offering it instead to what doesn’t exist is simply energy (and moments) wasted. The best we can give our moments is our true authentic self, and that will always be enough. When we put our focus on what has already come to pass or what is yet to be we are doing a great injustice to the present moment and to ourselves.

We must not deny the significance of the past. The past is extremely important. It is where we find our lessons, and from which we grow. The thing to remember about the past is not to get stuck in it. We mustn’t hold on. Too often people get caught up, they become preoccupied with what is already said and done, their hearts and minds fill with regret, anger, or bitterness. If we live in the past our capacity for growth and change is deeply limited. The objective is to appreciate the past for its lessons, to attain forgiveness for ourselves and others, and then to let it go, to grow and to move forward. I will reiterate the noteworthiness of edification in regard to the past. The lessons we take from the past should act as a guide, revealing to us that which does or does not lead us down the path to happiness, and thus influencing our decisions. When we don’t pay attention to the lessons, we end up having to take the class over again. When you do what you have always done, you will yield what you have always received.

As a dreamer, I find I sometimes consciously have to bring myself back to the present moment. I’m extremely susceptible to getting lost in my mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the “what if’s” and the “one day’s”. It’s easy to imagine the greener grass on the other side, if we can just get through today tomorrow will be better. But in reality, there is no other side, there is no tomorrow.  Tomorrow is an illusion. Perhaps if we can put all of that energy we have saved up for tomorrow into our present moment, our today’s will begin to be as good as the tomorrow’s we imagine.  To say we shouldn’t live in the future is not to say that we shouldn’t have intentions, or aspirations, or dreams. On the contrary, I believe that our future is shaped by our intentions. I believe that our world is what we make it to be.  I say dream big. But just as we should learn from the past and then let it go, we should strive to find the same separation in regard to the future. We should embrace our dreams, focus on our goals, and realize our intentions… the key is not to become attached to the outcome. When we attach ourselves to a particular outcome, this is when anxiety, worry and stress materialize. The same holds true when we become attached to people, or to the opinions of others. Attachment to an outcome=expectation=disappointment. When we are so worried about what’s going on outside of the present moment, before we know it our moments will have all passed, we having spent them entertaining ghosts and fantasies.

I find myself the happiest, feeling most alive, when I am free to fully experience the moment I am in. And at the same time I find myself most ill at ease when preoccupied by that which others may be experiencing, when worrying about the future, or when dwelling on moments which have already passed. I am filled with apprehension and insecurity when I am not able to fully experience the now because I’m overly concerned with expectations, outcomes, and other peoples reactions and interpretations. Living in the moment is what works for me. Because inevitably (and thankfully), everything changes.

This is your story and you are the author. Each new moment is a new beginning, a chance to make your right now everything you want it to be. Don’t miss out on your moments. They are all you have.  And they deserve your best.

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