It’s no secret that my favorite subject is always my own two little ladies. We recently traveled to Atlanta to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, and one night my mother casually mentions that there is a cotton field down the street open to the public…so of course, with it being just before sunset, I immediately load the girls into the car and set off on an adventure!


We barely got there before the sun dipped below the horizon…




But I managed to get a few shots that I absolutely adore!!!!




You can bet that these are going to be huge acrylic and canvas prints for my family members come Christmas! ( stay tuned for a detailed post featuring these images and how amazing they look as acrylic wall art!)
File-4This little spur of the moment shoot is a great example of how I combine fine art and lifestyle photography into my child and family sessions.


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Family Photographer Pensacola

Bright eyes and mischievous smiles.

Big dreams.

wild hearts.

Sometimes the little things become the big things.

Never underestimate the importance of play.


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One of the things I’ll ask you in our phone consultation prior to your session is ” what do you like to do together as a family”…The family in the featured session told me that they are very active, the kids play soccer and skateboard ( and I found out so does Dad!) and they love to camp and be outdoors. So of course I had to make time for a quick game of father son soccer during our session. I also made sure, as I do in every family session, to take the time to get a couple of shots of mom and dad together without the kids. Because love. Because it gives them a brief moment to appreciate one another and remember why they fell for each other and that they are in this together. We ended the session with a phenomenal red-orange sunset and flying a kite!

Family Photography Pensacola

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Family Photography Pensacola


Sun-kissed skin and sandy toes.

The sweetest smile and butterfly kisses.

Dancing in dunes and strolling through sunsets.

These are the moments that make our memories.

Love and light.
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What is lifestyle photography and is it right for our family? This is a question of personal taste and preference, and this style of photography isn’t right for everyone! The session above is an example of what a typical lifestyle family portrait session with me looks like. I’ll start off making sure to get a few “mantle worthy” traditional portraits of the family and individual children. When we’re done with that it’s time to have fun! I tell the kids to go ahead and explore, run and play. I may tell your little girl to show me how her dress spins, or your little boy to check out what that strange sea creature may be! I’ll encourage your family to interact  and I’ll document all of the wonderful fleeting moments of love and connection that you share. My goal is to capture the essence of your children and their unique personalities and not simply what they look like. Doing a session like this every year and each year creating a keepsake album is the best way that you’ll be able to look back on how your family has grown and evolved over the years. I always make time to schedule a session for my own family every spring!

Lifestyle Photographer Pensacola

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Baby toes and belly laughs.

Sunrise snuggles.

These little moments…

Take them all in and save them away.



Let’s talk a little bit about sunrise sessions. I know, I know…it’s EARLY…especially when you’re expected to have your hair and makeup done and the kids ready to go before the sun comes up. I’m not a morning person either, and if we schedule such a session you can bet I’ll have my mug of coffee in hand. But, there are some distinct advantages to planning your family portrait session during sunrise. For starters, you get that same beautiful soft “golden hour” light that we see just before the sun goes down…and it’s actually a lot softer than sunset light can be and often there are beautiful pastel tones. In the summer months, especially here in Pensacola Florida, while doing beach photography it can get pretty darn hot and humid. Not so great if you don’t want to be sticky with sweat or end up with frizzy hair, but the great thing about sunrise is that it’s MUCH cooler! Since the sun hasn’t been out all day warming things up, even on the hottest of days, a sunrise session shouldn’t be excruciating. And speaking of hair, it’s typically much less windy in the early hours of the morning. If you have little ones, they are less likely to be cranky during the session since they have just had a good nights sleep. And lastly, after your session you will still have your entire day ahead of you!
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